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Biography of Stickgirl

Biography of Stickgirl

StickgirlStickgirl is 2D because she came to life when her creator, Ann Marie Fleming, got squashed flat by a couple of cars, back in 1988, a riff on the theory that the simplest gesture can show the most about a person. This intrepid Eurasian avatar’s first foray into film was “So Far So… portrait of the artist as a young woman”, an 80 sec animated reenactment of AMF’s life up to that point.

Stickgirl has decided not to age since then, and continues to bring her own observational wit to whatever catches her fancy. In the past 25 years she has appeared in over a dozen short films, coming of age documentaries, a series of green webisodes, has narrated an award-winning graphic novel, and has her own interactive iPhone app. She also stars in a soon to be published graphic novel where she goes to a poetry festival in Iran, and a animated feature of the same subject.

Stickgirl just wants everyone to get along, or at least to get to know other people’s point of view. She has a positive outlook, but thinks there’s always room for improvement. She encourages everyone else to adopt her motto: “I am, therefore I think”.

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